PhotoBlock is a visual authentication solution for websites and blockchains

Photo + Emojis + OpenID Connect + WebAuthn + Blockchain = PhotoBlock

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How PhotoBlock Works?

PhotoBlock works with a photo you provide (any JPEG will do) and your personal emoji sequence called an EmojiKey. The photo is transformed into a downloadable PhotoBlock file that can be used to authenticate into any website or blockchain app that supports PhotoBlock.

PhotoBlock can be added to any dapp or website by a developer in just a few minutes, making it easy for users to authenticate and access the dapp/website without the hassle of usernames, passwords, private keys, mnemonic passphrases and generally everything that users dislike. Developers can focus on building awesome apps for their users — PhotoBlock does the rest!

PhotoBlock BETA Release Notes

PhotoBlock is currently in Beta and should not be used in production.

PhotoBlock is a free, Open Source (MIT License) library for use on websites and dapps. It uses Dynamic Deterministic Private Key Generation and does not store private keys anywhere. In this Beta Release, you can create PhotoBlocks and use them for multiple blockchains.

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Features in Development

PhotoBlock is under active development and a feature-complete beta release is scheduled for Sept. 30, 2019. Here are the features in progress:

  • Import existing account
  • Signing transactions
  • OpenID Connect authentication
  • WebAuthn authentication
  • PhotoBlock Client Library
  • Multi-device sync
  • My Photoblock
  • Docs and Demos


Use the same PhotoBlock with any supported blockchain.


Works with dapps and websites on most popular mobile browsers.

Easy to Use

Photos and emojis — everybody knows how to use them.

Secure & Private

Designed with focus on security and privacy.


No passwords, private keys or mnemonic passphrases to save.

Use Anywhere

Use cloud file-sharing to access your PhotoBlocks everywhere.

PhotoBlock Overview